Hallicrafters Sky Buddy

Hallicrafters Sky Buddy! I completed this radio about a month ago. The unit came in with very poor reception. A person worked on this radio and replaced all the capacitors in the unit. I had to replace all the resistors that were half a watt or less. These resistors were out of tolerance on this unit. The pitch control on the unit had a open coil. The customer sent in a spare pitch control with the unit. I worked on the tuning condenser to make sure it was not shorting out. I did a complete radio alignment and the receiver came back to life. The unit has pretty good sensitivity on all bands.  

One thought on “Hallicrafters Sky Buddy

  1. Dave Joseph says:

    I have a Sky Buddy II. Cute little bedside radio. Sure could use a bandspread cap!! Won’t do that as mine is pristine and will leave it that way. After I recapped it, smooth audio.

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