Radio Shack Realistic DX-300 Receiver

Radio Shack Realistic DX-300 Receiver.

Ok, I know there are the never Rat Shack and those who like the old Realistic line. Well, I kinda fall in the middle. The DX-300 and DX-302 has die hard followers who love this receiver. As I recap and align these receivers, I must say I am impress with the overall performance. I like the analog tuning with the digital read out display that is pretty accurate. The sensitivity is very nice from the low end of 10KHZ to the upper end of 30MHZ. The radio pictured here is my own personal unit that I recapped and aligned. At Golden Radio Repair, we repair these receivers and even have the output digital display chips in stock.  

2 thoughts on “Radio Shack Realistic DX-300 Receiver

  1. antonio r brooks says:

    I just came across your webpage.Do you still repair the Dx 300. The issue I am having is part of the display is out,it only reads and the preselactor is not turning. Also how much would these repairs cost?

  2. Dave Joseph says:

    I just bought a DX-300. What audio I get sounds quite good on the oval speaker. Mine has low sensitivity. Takes a lot of signal to get the S-meter to move.

    Any known fixes?

    Thanks – Dave

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