Zenith G500 Transoceanic Radio

Here we have a Zenith G500 Transoceanic Radio. This radio came in for general electronic restoration. The radio needed to have all the Electrolytic Capacitors replaced and all the plastic Signal Capacitors replaced. The selenium rectifier was replaced with a silicon diode. The power cord like in many cases has to be replaced. I cleaned all the controls and tuner on the unit. The band select switches always need extra attention when cleaning. I tested all the tubes and found (1) 1U4 tube was weak. That tube was replaced and the unit was powered up. Found out the 1L6 was not working well and the receiver would work for a few minutes and then go dead. Also found out the other 1U4 tube was microphonic and very sensitive to a tap. So in the end, I had to replaced another 1U4 and the 1L6 tubes. I did a full alignment on the unit and the reception on all bands is excellent. These radios are great performers for those who like the to listen to both shortwave and broadcast bands. 

At Golden Radio Repair, we do both tube radio repair and transistor radio repair. We love doing antique radio repair!

3 thoughts on “Zenith G500 Transoceanic Radio

  1. Everett Cook says:

    The metal looks terrific on this radio…plated surfaces are the toughest challenge for us. Did you do the finish on it or did it come to you like that?

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