Our company service most radios dating from the 1920’s through the 1970’s. Our workshop is well equipped to repair tubes and transistor type radios. This covers anything from handheld radios to car radios. We offer complete radio repair services, ranging from a comprehensive electrical radio repair to restoration service repair.

Golden Radio Repair shop has a complete assortment of repair equipment and tools to have your radio back up and operating. The shop also is well equipped with all parts needed to efficiently repair most jobs, without having to order the components. If a part needs to be sourced for special projects, we have access to many vendors.

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Comprehensive electrical radio repair service includes:

  • Replacement of paper capacitors

  • Replacement of electrolytic capacitors (radios from late 60’s to 70’s will have the esr checked on each capacitor and replaced as needed)

  • Replace components that are out of tolerance

  • Repair more complicated circuit issues that many repair shops will not do; such as coil rewinding, silver mica repairs, and IF transformers.

  • Replace wiring that is broken or is crumbling

  • Speaker repair

  • Replace AC cord if needed

  • Blow off chassis with compress air and minor cleaning of chassis

  • Clean dial face

  • Clean/lube all controls, switches, and tuning condenser

  • Complete radio alignment (bringing your radio back to optimal performance)

  • 90-day warranty on all parts replaced or repaired.

Complete restoration of the radio includes:

  • Comprehensive electrical radio repair services as listed above

  • Repair and restoration of the radio cabinet

  • Detail cleaning of the radio chassis (including painting transformers)

  • Detail cleaning of the radio face, knobs, buttons, and dial

  • Service is completely tailored to the customer needs

Optional services can be provided such as adding audio input cable (3.5 plug) to hook your radio to a phone, mp3 player, bluetooth module, fm receiver, or satellite radio. FM maybe added to the radio but will be done only based on the existing radio circuitry.

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